Hi Tracy,

Yes absolutely and I apologized for that over and over again. It wasn’t one of my finest moments, however I did not know how to get out of a toxic relationship without completely removing myself from it for a while. I knew that was needed for us to both regain health and maybe come back together one day from a better place.

I own that I did not communicate that to the best of my ability… I had told her I needed space and felt that if I stayed in the relationship she would keep crossing boundaries that I was not comfortable with. I didn’t know how to talk to her about it anymore than I had so I made the choice to back away. I knew she understood why I needed that, which is why I was surprised when she did not respond a few months later.

With her not responding I had an opportunity to get the closure I needed on my own, which was a great growth journey for me.

The last thing I ever want to do is hurt someone and I certainly felt bad about that. Sometimes self-preservation kicks in in situations like this and leaving the toxicity was very important to my healing. I knew how I deserved to be treated and after explaining that and not seeing a change I feel that my choice was right in the moment (however I was sad that I heard her). At the end of the day it was a learning experience for both of us so I believe we are both moving forward better for having gone through this.

Thanks again for your feedback :)



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